India is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of population. And in the last few decades the exodus of population from rural to urban areas has been staggering. Cities and metropolitan regions in India evolved over centuries and their organic growth does not always allow for absorption of these increases in population. The strain and subsequent breakdown of infrastructure, systems and utilities creates conditions that are alarming.

As architects, urban designers, and planners; we have a professional, social and moral responsibility to force change. This could be done in many ways. From education to public awareness and government accountability, everything is fair game.

UAI will try to address these issues via the website. Here you will find opinions, thoughts and analysis of happenings in our urban areas. No topic is taboo. Discussion is expected and looked forward to.

All suggestions, criticism and general “what-have-you” is appreciated through the “Write To Us” page.

Thanking you

UAI Editorial Board.

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